Java is the new COBOL

When Java came out it was a fresh new language which was easy to learn and apply. At that time world needed a new mainstream language. It quickly became a widely used language especially in Enterprise applications. But after 15 years, time has come for a new language.
Below I will present some points to prove my case.

1) Oracle taking over Java

Doing a LightBox effect in Cocos2D for iPhone

For a Lightbox kind of effect in cocos2d you can have two layers

1) Background Layer
2) Pop up Layer

When Pop up Layer is shown we need to make the background layer darker.

First thing to be able to make the background layer darker is to extend the background layer from CCColorLayer.
But now if you try to call setOpacity on the layer only the layer will become darker, all the sprites on the layer will still be regular.
To make all sprites of the layer also darker you can override the setOpacity method in your Layer class as shown below


Aryan dancing in boat cruise

During the London vacation we took a boat cruise on thames river. The cruise had dance floor which nobody was using, so Aryan decided to give a dance performance.

Learning to play mouth organ

My son loves music. He likes the toys which have some music in them. He even turns the music on and starts dancing. I think when he grows up he will do something related to music.
I thought that it is better to start some kind of musical education from this age, so i decided to teach him the easiest instrument mouth organ ( If you thought i will say piano, you should watch the below video which proves that mouth organ is much easier to play than piano)

Sleeping Biscuit

Do you have the problem that your kids don't sleep when you want them to but sleep when you don't want them to?
There is a solution, its called sleeping biscuit, its similar to sleeping pills but for kids.
See the video below of my trial of this biscuit on Aryan.

Where are my shoes

Aryan lost his shoes, he tried to find them but after sometime he gave up and decided to find an alternative solution.

Aryan's Big Hat

Aryan was not satisfied with his small HAT so he got another one. This one is bigger and better.

Teaching karate

I was trying to teach my baby Karate. Screaming is an essential part of Karate, and he seemed to have picked that one up very easily.
I even experimented with associative stimulus. When i scream and show some hand movement he screams. but later i just do the hand movement and he still screams.

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